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VEGΛ-Gaming was founded 20th of October 2013 as a Steamgroup.
The group was founded by two friends who wanted to open a clan for everyone.
After a few months friends were promoted to help with the raising amount of members.
Two years after the foundation we had to make a change concerning the clan. The administrationteam was reduced to the founder as administrator, and one of his friends as moderator.

We are happy to now offer several services:
a public TeamSpeak3-Server:
a public Steamgroup:
an image-uploader below
and an avatar customizer below with your name and in your color
and also a list of all services below

Our VEGΛ-Team

Here You can see an overview of our team

Our Administrator

Our Moderator

Steam: Florian2406

Florian is the founder of this community
He also manages all servers and this website.

Steam: O-Leo0100

Ole joined the group at the very beginning and is our moderator.

We hope we can deliver you a good experience on our website and in our group/on our TeamSpeak-Server

If you have any questions just ask them on the blackboard or on our TeamSpeak 3-Server!

Your VEGΛ-Gaming Team!

VEGΛ Blackboard

Just post your thoughts below - Please keep it friendly!
All Date- and Timestamps are synced with GMT+1 (German Time)

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08th Jan 2021 at 22:52:04 by Eric Jones:
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28th Nov 2020 at 10:51:19 by Zoe Baeza:
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09th Nov 2020 at 04:29:21 by Uwe:
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01st Nov 2020 at 13:43:11 by Eric Jones:
Research tells us at least 70% of the people who find your site, after a quick once-over, they disappear… forever.

22nd Oct 2020 at 08:04:30 by Eric Jones:
You have customers waiting to talk with you right now… don’t keep them waiting.

13th Mar 2017 at 09:45:00 by Admin:
Have you already seen our new feature, the darkmode on the bottom right corner?

04th Jan 2017 at 20:00:00 by Admin:
Welcome to the official Page of VEGA-Gaming. Feel free to type in any message you like - but remember to be friendly to other users and respect them. Have fun while using our services!

VEGΛ Avatar customizer

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VEGΛ Services and Representations

For more information just contact a member of the administrationteam on our TeamSpeak

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